Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monkeying Around

This week has been a fairly full one, it’s week five in class so that’s been busy, there is one team assignment, one individual (I have to create a PowerPoint social media presentation) and then the exam. So far I’m hitting a 95% in the class so I’m hoping I can do well on these remaining items and maintain my strait A’s in school.

6-23-2011 summer cut

We finally took Cupcake in for her summer haircut. Groomed short she always looks so much like the dog my sisters had when we were in college many years ago that it’s scary. She’s a lot happier though without the mess of fluffy fur, it’s cooler and the twigs and leaves don’t get stuck in her hair.


On Monday we went swimming again. Since the Man works at a sporting goods store we were able to find a decent pair of snorkel goggles to try on the Kiddo. The idea was that the reason he wont put his head in the water is that he gets water in his eyes AND nose and that’s why regular goggles don’t work with him. Of course eventually he’ll learn but for now snorkel goggles are a good thing. They worked perfectly, I had the Kiddo face down in the water kicking for all he was worth trying to chase an “underwater fish”. It was great exercise for his legs and we were both having quite a bit of fun playing the game.

We were having fun for almost 20 whole minutes before another parents negligence caused the pool to be closed for the rest of the day (and the entire day following). One of the daughters decided she didn’t need to get out to go potty. This mother is one of those parents that just sits there in a chair while her (five) kids swim for hours without bathroom breaks. I made my peace with the fact that they were probably peeing in the pool as it was (because I don’t think there’s any way to avoid kids doing that… *sigh*) but there is not excuse for other and while I understand that you can’t control what a younger child decides to do I still find myself hoping vehemently that the family is barred from the pool from here on out.

On the plus side I didn’t mind to much that the pool was closed yesterday because my mother in law and niece and nephew came to visit for the afternoon. We had a good time and the Kiddo ended up with a new stuffy friend. He named him Mickey (Mickey the Monkey heh) and really likes him.


My mother in law has been working on the pattern for these monkeys for awhile, she made my niece pink one and then made the Kiddo his. Somehow the kiddo’s monkey ended up with a bigger head and she couldn’t figure out why but we decided that was okay because it’s a boy monkey. As I watch the kiddo lug the monkey around I can’t help but have the Pinky and the Brain song run through my head…

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