Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I think I underestimated my child… wouldn’t be the first time I suppose. I purchased an addition workbook but didn’t buy a subtraction one because even though I knew he knew how to do addition I wasn’t sure how solid a grasp he had of the skill.

6-28-2011 practicing math

Yeah, he knocks out a two sided sheet in five minutes. I’ve started making him do two (we only do them every few days… it’s not summer torture after all it’s summer skills upkeep). I’ll have to get my little butt back to the store and buy the same brand of books for subtraction (and time and money for that matter… since I know those are things they learn in first grade). The thought is that if do what we were doing with the ‘at home work’ in Kindergarten; I give him a worksheet, and watch, and walk away “come get me when this is completely finished and I will check your answers” then MAYBE he will also work on his focus and ability to finish a task given.


These really are the best workbooks I have found for his age and skill level. I posted the pictures so if you have kids who need the practice (and you have the time) you know which ones I use.

We already know his reading levels are up to par, and really there isn’t anything I “need to do” to maintain that level. He does it on his own. Still I signed him up for the Barns and Noble reading program (he gets a free book when he reads a certain number of books) and the Library program as well (yeah 30 minutes a day… not a stretch).

6-28-2011 library corner

We set up a little reading corner for him in the living room so that his library books stay separate from his personal books and so that he knows where to put them when he isn’t reading them. In this picture he is reading the chicken little comic book, he spent about one and a half hours reading (he reads out loud so I know he wasn’t just looking at pictures). This morning he watched the movie, a quarter of the way in he went and got the book so he could read while he watched. He really is an odd child.

6-29-2011 reading and watching a movie

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