Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad guys and lasers

The door creaked when he tried to sneak out of his room, that's how we knew he was awake. Ten thirty, but when I thought about it I realized that in between his shot, his teethbrushing, and telling him to get his pajamas on I'd forgotten to remind him to use the bathroom. So he was up, and as he rounded the corner to our room to peek in (he always does, even though the light is one and he knows we're awake he feels like he should check)... I asked him if that was why:

Me: Kiddo, we forgot to use the bathroom before bed huh.

Him: Yeah. There were TWO problems, the first one was I had the hiccups. But I fixed that, and now the second one is that I have to pee.

Me: Well, go get it done and get your bootie back to bed.

Him: Okay!....

And he walked into the bathroom, which is conveniently located directly across the hall from our doorway and kitty corner to his.... which means we get to listen to his bathroom monologues...

"laser canons ready?... yes captain, prepared and ready to fire... well then fire the laser canons!... yes captain, laser canons firing" (sound of peeing, lid closing, and flushing) "bad guy ships defeated! ... good job, we're saved"

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C said...

Oh, Thank You. I needed a good laugh this morning :-D


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