Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer smarts

The other day the apartment complex hosted a community yard sale and a younger couple set up their stuff in front of our patio. You all have heard about how desperately the Kiddo wants a little sister so when he saw their little girl he immediately made friends, she’s one and a half. He spent the entire morning playing with her, he brought out toys and taught her to roll down a grassy hill. She followed him and he followed her and they got along great.

6-11-2011 reading to kaydence

My favorite part of the morning though was the end. Just before it was time to come in for lunch the two of them sat in the back of her parents truck and he read to her. In this picture he’s on his second book, he’s reading Mr. Brown Can Moo, and I wasn’t thinking fast enough to catch her giggling when he made the sounds.

You have all ‘heard’ me say how much the Kiddo loves to read, and we’re enabling him every chance we get. I try to keep up with the 20 minutes a day that his Kindergarten teacher had him doing, it isn’t all that hard to do.

6-20-2011 summer reading

Recently his great grandma K sent him some birthday money and he asked to spend some of it on a punching bag, buying one ended up cheaper then we thought so we asked him what else he might want. He asked to go to Barns and Noble to get a new book. We walked out of there with his very first comic book! He discovered the Knights of the Lunch Table books and bought himself #2 in the series (The Dragon Players). At some point I should probably search amazon and see if I can find #1 & #3 for him (used), he’d love to own all three. I wonder if they make other age appropriate comic books for his reading level?*

6-20-2011 first comic book (1)….6-20-2011 first comic book (2)

*these say age 8… but they aren’t dark and violent like most comics and that’s what I mean.

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