Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last day of school

Kindergarten is over, yesterday was the Kiddo's last day. The kids spent the first half of class helping Mrs. S. clean the room up, and during the second half they had their poem presentations.

I think I may have read to much into the note she sent home months ago saying that the children were supposed to memorize their favorite nursery rhyme. Apparently that did not mean hand the kid the Mother Goose book and let him pick something longer then four lines to memorize. At least half the kids recited Humpty Dumpty, a couple said the alphabet, a few twinkle twinkle little stars were scattered in there as well as Hickory Dickory Docks.

If I would have known the type of poem the other kids were memorizing I would have warned Mrs. S. ahead of time that his was a little bit longer. His giggles at the end make my day, he thinks it's funny as anything that the black bird took the maids nose. After class was over I mentioned to Mrs. S. that he picked it himself and memorized it within a couple hours. She just smiled, shook her head and said "that's the Kiddo for you"...
We have his report card (A's of course) and his teacher assignment for the Fall. We even have our 15 minute "meet the teacher" appointment time. I'm wondering if they plan to have a separate appointment for explaining the medical issues. I certainly hope so, especially since this pre-scheduled time is one the Man wont be able to be at. He wants to meet the Kiddo's teacher so he can get a feel for her (we want to feel like she will put the attention into him that he needs). I'm not going to worry about it until fall though, first we have to get through the summer :)

On the off chance you want to see it too I have the before class at home practice version of his poem recital (which you can hear a little better). I love his little hand motions that he puts with it.


Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

Awe so sweet... he's so big! Sigh

Taemin said...

He's big but wobbly. It makes me nervous...don't fall Chance!


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