Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer fun

The past few weeks it’s been cold so I wasn’t taking the kiddo out to go swimming, instead every time he asked I would stick him in the bathtub and tell him to practice getting his head wet. After all if you are going to be the best swimmer in the world you really shouldn’t be afraid of water in your ears.

6-9-2011 testing his goggles

But finally this past Friday the temperature crawled up enough for me to risk freezing and I took the kiddo.

6-10-2011 swim day (3)

I’ll be honest the pool water wasn’t as cold as I feared. The breeze when we got out was though *shiver*

6-10-2011 first bike ride of summer (1)……..6-10-2011 first bike ride of summer (2)

After we dried off from our swim I decided it was time to let the kiddo try his bike out. He hadn’t ridden it since last year and he had been begging to try. He almost fell a couple of times but I caught him so all in all he did fairly well. I think his seat needs to be raised a bit…

We came in from the bike ride and he asked if he could fly his kite. I thought that sounded good so we left the dog inside and went back out to the commons area.

6-10-2011 flying his kite (2)….6-10-2011 flying his kite (5)

It was a pretty full day and we had a lot of fun. We haven’t been swimming since then because the Kiddo had some sniffles that turned into a full blown cold. Sunday he started with a dry cough and this morning he woke up with a temperature and a new yuckier rattling cough.

Even with the cold he has been out biking though, a little cough wont keep him inside so he goes on cupcakes walks with me. He bikes along and works the leg muscles while I try to keep the dog from getting run over, it’s great fun all around :)

6-12-2011 bike

(the face in the above picture is his “I am so strong I can bike up this hill all by myself” face)

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C said...

Good exercise and fun outdoors. That should put some muscle back on those legs. Way to go mom!


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