Tuesday, June 28, 2011

*claxon* dive dive dive

6-26-2011 swimming (1)….6-26-2011 swimming (2)

6-26-2011 swimming (3)…..6-26-2011 swimming (4)

6-26-2011 swimming (5)…..6-26-2011 swimming (6)

My little studly is learning to dive. He can’t figure out how to kick himself down. The snorkel face mask does wonders for his confidence in the water. The mask is perfectly sized, but the strap is super tight. We might buy the next size up mask just to use the strap on the smaller mask. Still he is loving swimming this year and I’m sticking fairly well to my plan of taking him out at least twice a week.


C said...

Congratulations! Glad he's getting the hang of having his head in the water.

Two comments:
I could almost understand the mom (of a couple blog entries ago) leaving her kids in the pool until they had accidents if the alternative was to schlep the whole family back to the apartment anytime one might need to use the bathroom ... But in these photos there is a restroom right on the edge of the pool! What kind of lazy slob can't even get the kids to a restroom that is right there? No wonder you think she is worthy of being banned from the pool. Sheesh!

Ahem. Now that the indignation is out of the way ... I replaced the brittle rubber strap on my shop goggles with a doubled length of 1/4" elastic ('cause that's the size I had in the sewing desk) and it works great. If you (or your mom-in-law) have any elastic around from a sewing project, you could try that on the swim goggles if there is a way to attach it (shop goggles have a slot either side that the strap fits through, so my elastic just went through both sides and then knotted).

Lyns said...

Yay Chance! I like your pool it has a shallow end. Our shallow end is 3 feet, so my kids are afraid to go in. The swimming lessons we had didn't really pay off. But then we went to a pool this weekend that had a shallow end that they could stand up in, and who would have known they can both swim. Sigh... He looks like he is doing great!!!


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