Friday, October 29, 2010

Not your normal school parade

This morning at the Kiddo's school they had a Halloween parade. All the kids that had dressed up were able to be in it. It should have been one of the most fun mornings of the month ...

The Kiddo woke up a little early this morning, lately his usual schedule is medication at 7:30am, up at 8, next meds at 8:30, then breakfast at 9:30. Today he rolled out of bed at 7:30, and I let him stay up because I figured it would be mean to make him go lay in bed thirty more minutes.

He took his meds on schedule, but told me that he thought his head felt hot. I took his temperature and he was right, he was up to 100.6. So I gave him some Tylenol before we bundled him into the car to head to school.

As we stood in the hall outside his classroom waiting for it to be time for them to line up he started acting a little funny. Another kid hit him with a foam sword, the Kiddo came over and started to cry... he doesn't cry about stuff like that, he's a shake it off and breath through it kind of kid so we worried. The Man tried asking him what was wrong but the Kiddo just kept trying to lay his head down on his shoulder. Finally I crouched down to talk to him, I told him he needed to shake it off so he could do the parade. As I talked to him I watched his eyes roll back into his head as he struggled to stay conscious. I gave him a little shake and asked him how he felt. He said fine, but he swayed and started to pass out again. Immediately we realized that he was starting to go into crisis, no idea WHY but at least we knew what to do.. we got him some water, gave him an emergency dose of his AI meds, a package of fruit snacks and had him sit still for the next five minutes or so. He seemed to snap out of it enough that we felt okay leaving him with the teacher to do the parade.
I will admit I worried the whole time. He seemed a little out of it, didn't hear us call him when he walked past us, and didn't really look around any. I felt so bad for him, little guy has been so excited about this the whole week and here he was not able to enjoy it.

We brought him home and sat him down to watch cartoons for the next 45 minutes until it was time to go back for class. I gave him the option of wearing his iron man costume or his toothless costume again and he said now that he was feeling better he really wanted to wear Toothless so the other kids could see him. How could I say no to that? I dressed him up and am keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get torn or spilled on during the class party.

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