Monday, October 25, 2010

here we go again

The first snow of the year happened sometime last night. Her Majesty isn't happy, the normal five minutes outside to poop before breakfast turned into 20 minutes as she struggled to figure out what the heck the cold wet white stuff was on her feet. Finally I found a big enough clear spot under a tree that she could walk in circles till she was ready. I hope she gets used to it soon!
The Kiddo is over the moon about it. As soon as he saw that it had snowed he wanted to go outside and play in it. Make footprints and throw snowballs is what he said... I told him that mommy has a chest and head cold and does NOT want to spend the morning cold and wet so he'd have to wait till the next snow to play.

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Lynsey, Nate, and Brynn said...

Wow that is where all the snow is. We didn't get anything but wind and rain.


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