Monday, October 11, 2010

The side effects of growing

I measured the Kiddo the other morning, looks like he's grown another inch since the end of August. We should get confirmation on that this Friday at his next Endocrinologist appointment. Till then I like my at home numbers, and so does he!

Except for the not so great side effects of growing... which would be that you outgrow things. I had, of course, thought ahead and purchased clothing a little to big for him. But there are other things that I hadn't thought of... like his bed.

The Kiddo has been telling us almost nightly that he wants to sleep over in our bed. He says his is not comfortable. So I took him in there and had him lay on top of the sheets, yep four inches to spare IF he's all the way up on his pillow. Then I had the man double check his position in the mornings. Kiddo is a very active sleeper, and generally by the morning he's scooted himself down off his pillow and has to sleep curled to fit.

We can't really afford a new bed for him but we started looking anyway, sleep is important when you're a kid and we thought maybe we could find something used that wouldn't be too scary. I've spent the last week or so looking through the online classifieds and the cheapest we could find was a used twin mattress for 20 bucks. Not bad, there would be 7 inch overhand sideways and lenghways if we used his crib base though so we looked into a frame as well. Cheapest we could get there was 50. So 70 bucks, then sheets... we started stressing a little.

I checked the classifieds daily for any new listings just in case. Last night I saw one, 2 minutes old, for a twin bed mattress, box, and metal frame... free. The person listing it said that the bed was a guest room bed so rarely used and in very good condition.

Holy crap, perfect, the Man called and scooted over to pick it up. He called me as he pulled into our parking lot to tell me how surprised he was that a twin sized mattress wouldn't fit easily into the back of our explorer. I thought to myself that it was indeed very odd, and it must be one fancy pillow top twin or something. But when he opened the back I started to laugh, definitely not a twin silly man... it's a full!

So now we have a full sized bed... even better I already have a mattress protector AND sheets (from a previous bed we had borrowed a few years ago) so the Kiddo's new bed is 100% free!! I cannot believe how lucky we got, and he is over the moon excited.
Tonight the Man will go back and get the box springs and the frame (the whole thing wouldn't fit with one trip yesterday) and the Kiddo can sleep on it. And if anybody needs Christmas ideas the Kiddo really wants an iron man comforter (which is pretty much impossible to find in the full size *chuckle*).

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