Wednesday, October 6, 2010

timeline in pictures

I really love it when family comes to visit, the only bad part is when they leave... I always end up spending some time kicking myself for moving so far away from them. Anyway having my brother here was great!
Kiddo wouldn't let anybody else hold his hand for Uncle P's entire visit.
He read to him every day, and did a pretty good job doing it :)
Uncle P gave the kiddo a really cool "airplane coat" and the Kiddo wore it to our nephews football game
After the game we took a trip up to the house we grew up in. It's been foreclosed so was empty. I wish I'd thought about it and called the realtor so we could have gone in and walked around.
Uncle P has a LOT of patience, he played with the Kiddo for hours. The Man pointed out that it's easier when you're visiting a kid vs living with him daily *chuckle*
The Man arranged for us to have a tour of the National Guard airport. The Kiddo and Uncle P were right at home in the Blackhawk. Kiddo is bound and determined that he's going to be an "army pilot" when he grows up.
It was a great visit, and the Kiddo wasn't happy to have Uncle P go. He is determined that either my brother will come back or we'll go to visit him sometime very soon.


Taggart said...

How dare you show me up Uncle P!
I'M supposed to be the most awesomest uncle! watch your back. I'm plotting.

Gwyneth said...

you better plot big Taggart, it'll be hard to beat the bomber coat, learning to open and eat peanuts, and the Black Hawk helicopter lol


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