Thursday, October 21, 2010

King for the day

Yesterday, after we got homel, the Kiddo and I went through his backpack and looked at the things he had done in school. They worked on the letter y, so there was a paper with dot to dot y's he traced. Then there was a few other kindergarten type papers. And at the bottom was a little letter home saying that today was the Kiddo's day to be King for the day.

What the heck is that! I asked the kiddo and he said "well, it's when you have these papers and you get to do things". Well THAT makes it all much more clear... After a few calls to my support group (thanks D and mama) I decided to take a paper I had gotten from his old teacher and have him fill it out. Since according to the note the day is supposed to be about introducing my child to the class I thought the 'all about me' paper would be a good way to fake it.

The good news is Kiddo is so smart that while I was distracted getting pictures printed he was reading the questions about himself and answering them. The bad news is he spelled a lot of words incorrectly so we had to go through and erase and re-write them. Still he was very excited to fill it in and very excited to show his class.

Then when it was time for school we carefully rolled it and took it with us. When Mrs. S. stepped out of her classroom to line the kids up I quickly approached and mentioned that we knew it was the Kiddo's day but we didn't have the right paper so we'd filled out this other one instead. She took a look at it and said it was the same paper!!

So after a full day of stress and wondering what the heck to do we ended up doing the exact right thing. Probably not as fancy as we would have done it had we a little more warning, but hopefully good enough for the purpose.


C said...

All right! Glad it turned out well, with no disappointed frowny kid from lacking what kingly types are supposed to take to school ... although the orange(?) icing you told me someone else had brought did sound attractive :-)

Gwyneth said...

yep it was orange lol... I'm telling myself that at least this way I didn't end up spending money on 26 cupcakes.

Plus, randomly, one of the kids parents brought in pizza so the Kiddo was going on and on about how he got to be king and do all the papers AND eat pepperoni pizza in class.

Sounds like a good day to me :)


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