Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sleepovers - I am THAT girl

The Kiddo loves his new bed. He loves how big it is (I quote: it's the best that can be and it's the biggest bed in the whole world), and he hasn't fought bedtime all week because of it. I still think it is VERY cool that we already had sheets for it. I even got motivated and pulled out, and put up, a wall mural I haven't used since we lived in Flagstaff. His room is completely re-done is big boy style. If I'd known it was going to be free to do I would have done it a long time ago!
So last night I finally said yes to the Kiddo's constant request for a sleepover, though instead of him sleeping over in my bed, this week he's been asking me to sleep in his. So we got ready for bed at 9 and crawled under the covers. He was a little upset that I didn't have my own stuffy so he dug through his to find me one. Then he snuggled up to my side and we looked up at the nightlight stars on his ceiling. He spent a good 30 minutes telling me what constellation was what (there was a starwars ship, a lion space ship, and cupcake with her curly tail).

Finally he fell asleep, and the tossing and turning began. At 2am I gave up and snuck back to my own bed. Yep I'm that kid, the one that goes on a sleepover but calls her mommie and goes home halfway through the night because she can't sleep.

All I can say is oops... when the man went in to give the Kiddo his medication this morning the Kiddo asked him if he could please go talk to mommie to say he was sorry for being bad last night because she didn't stay and sleepover all night.

Well crap, I didn't think or I would have known that he'd be upset to not have me there in the morning. I had a talk with him later during breakfast. I told him that it wasn't anything HE did it was mommie being silly and that we could try another sleep over next week. He's happy again, and already planning the next sleepover.

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Anonymous said...

what, do you and The Man have separate beds?
...seriously, I've always wondered how that works. I'm more comfortable sleeping on the floor than sharing a bed.


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