Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I wont bore you with ALL the details, (since 90% of you were there *chuckle*) but I will say it was the most fun I've had celebrating Halloween since the Kiddo was born. He is old enough to understand and enjoy trick or treating, he was with nearly all his aunts and uncles and he got to go door to door with his favorite (new) step cousin!!!

We stayed up till midnight, and had maybe one piece of candy. My sisters husband made the best carne asada I've ever eaten, and I got to hang out with my siblings whome I love and miss a lot. Our family has always been close and it feels like we get closer the older we get... It's nice to feel like even though I'm in a different state 99% of the time, that 1% when I'm "home" near my parents and siblings I am still an important part of it all.

I think the kiddo has something to do with that but whatever the reason may be, I'll take it.

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