Monday, November 16, 2009

Kitchen stuff

I had a dream last night where I was trying to explain my my brother (spiderman) why I wanted a toaster oven for my kitchen. I was telling him that it was the best way to reheat leftover pizza because when you microwave pizza it just gets soggy and yuck.

That dream reminded me that I have yet to brag about my newest kitchen item. My mom bought it for me. She either loves me a lot, or she got tired of me saying every visit how much I wanted the dang thing. If I was a betting person I'd go with the latter.

The item is a can opener. I know, silly to get all goey over something as small as a can opener but I've had the same one since I moved out of her house over 10 years ago. It's a standard type, little grindy wheels that chop off the lid but leave the rim. I use a little papertowel and try to scrub the lid off before opening, sometimes if I have an extra clorox wipe I'll even use that. But still every time I open a can I get a nasty visual of rat poop on the top getting into the food on the inside.

Yesterday I made taco soup, that has always involved a good 5 cans worth of stuff dumped into a pot. 5 cans of rat poop neurosis. But yesterday, for the first time every I made the stuff without flinching! I cranked the little handle on my new can opener and popped the entire lid off each can. I dumped all the stuff into a pot and never once thought about a rat. It was a tad liberating. So if you haven't taken that tiny step into the 21st century yet the I have perfect can opener for you!!.. the Good Cook Quattro SafeCut can opener.

*pardon the little hand, the Kiddo saw me taking a picture and said "oh oh can I help, can I turn the thing to make the can open??" and reached in just as I was pressing the button.

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