Friday, November 13, 2009

updates for November

The Kiddo had his H1N1 shot this past Wednesday, 20 bucks!!. I'm not really a flu shots kind of person but with the new diagnoses (as I've mentioned before) we are getting the shots for him to be extra safe. The Kiddo handled the shot great, not even a flinch!! I am very proud of him. We go in for a booster in 4 weeks and will probably get the regular flu shot at the same time.

Yesterday we filled all the Kiddo's prescriptions. It was a very solid reminder on why we need to keep him on medical insurance. ouch.

We forgot the Kiddos crayons when we came home from our last trip south. Grannie is amazing though and mailed them to us. Yesterday the Kiddo set about drawing a picture. It is a car on a bridge with street lights, two people are in the car. I think it's actually pretty nicely done. I scanned it in so you all could see.

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