Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I am working on remembering the things I am thankful for today. Mostly because the Man will be working tomorrow (4 to midnight) and I'm facing a Thanksgiving with his family but without him.

So I'm trying to convince myself that Thanksgiving isn't about who you are with or what you are doing... I'm having a few issues with that. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it IS the one that's the most about who you are with. There isn't anything commercial about it, no toys being bought, or candy or anything... just family and laughter and really good food. I miss my family the most on Thanksgiving, I miss how we tease each other and laugh and smile so much our mouths hurt. How we don't actually watch football, and the only time the tv really gets turned on is to play games. Everybody spends time with everybody and the only drama is right when the food is almost done and my mom is trying to make sure that everything finishes at the same time so it's all hot and fresh and the yummiest. Then there's 9 or more people crammed around a big table passing food and eating till they are so full they can't move.

Anyway I am thankful for my Kiddo, and my family, that I have heat and food and a warm comfortable bed. I am also very thankful for m&m's.

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