Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh my stars!

Apparently we had a meteor last night, well more correctly early early this morning. Codi mentioned it in a comment to my shooting stars post*. She and her husband were woken up by the boom.

I did a quick search and found a story on it via KSL. With video (a must see). How cool is that! A shooting star close enough to light up the sky? Apparently it's a rare event and I really wish I'd seen it, most people aren't actually awake shortly after 12am... but I sometimes am, and I was last night *sigh* :)

* I didn't actually get outside early enough on Tuesday to see the Leonid shower, the article says it wasn't very spectacular so I don't feel to guilty. I hope if any of you got up to see it you saw enough to make it worth it.

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