Saturday, November 14, 2009


The Kiddo is obsessed with transformers. I knew it was only a matter of time, I'm kinda glad he held off until after Halloween or we'd probably have had to fight him on what costume he wore. He loves it, and of course his favorite character is Bumblebee. Though he is rather partial to IronSides too (hey it's a black truck, what's not to love?)

He watches the movie every day, he pretty much has all the lines memorized. Just to illustrate the point I took a picture this morning.

The Kiddo is standing next to the entertainment center. See at the start of the movie (the second movie) all the kitchen appliances get turned into robots and attack the people, then Sam (the main character) yells for bumblebee (who is in the garage in car form) to come help. The Kiddo is being Bumblebee, he is in the garage waiting and as soon as he hears Sam call will run out into the middle of the floor, 'transform' and help fight off the bad little robots. Nobody can ever accuse him of lacking in imagination... He stood there for about 7 minutes waiting. You can see his little right fist balled up (that's his gun).

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