Monday, November 16, 2009

More shooting stars

I usually try to post when I find out that there's a good Meteor shower coming up. Sadly I'm stuck in the middle of a city with way to many lights and never really get to see the shooting starts as I'd like. It makes me miss Flagstaff more and more every time.

This time I'm posting about the Leonid Meteor Shower that's happening tomorrow (Nov 17th). From what I gather you'll want to head outside in the wee hours of the morning – between 1 a.m. and dawn. So if any of you have obnoxious daily kiddo medication times (er like me) or dogs that wake you up randomly... or just feel a bit masochistic.. drag your butts outside and take a look at the sky, see if you can't see a few shooting stars to *wish on.
*My wish will be that someday I DON'T have a kiddo's medication time waking me up every single day before dawn. ugh


360_gandering said...

"dogs that wake you up randomly"
Hush! She might hear you and get inventive. She hasn't made me take her out in the wee hours since last Thursday night. In fact, last night she didn't even make enough noise to wake me up; once she figured out that she couldn't drag her bed over to be next to mine (I'd sewed twill tape to the corners of the bed to secure it to the cot, and tied the cot legs to the dresser and desk) she apparently settled down and went to sleep herself.
However, if she does have a behavioral relapse tonight, I'll take advantage of your info and look upward a while and see if I can spot any meteors :-)

Codi said...

Adam woke me up about an hour ago telling me to look out in the back yard because he heard a loud sound. It always gets my brain going when he says something like that, so I never want to actually look. He said he heard a really loud sound, I looked and saw nothing. He then told me it was like when the military is doing things out here, but a lot louder, almost like a shock wave hitting the side of our house. He said he wanted to call the sherriff in case it was something really bad that happened. He called and was immediately put on hold, at 12:30 am! I jokingly said, "wow busy night, everybody else is calling." Turns out I was right and guess what they said they *think* it was!? A meteor hitting!! Isn't that nuts!? Anyway, it made me think of you and your post!


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