Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday with a vengeance!

Today is Monday, and it let itself be known louder then most Mondays do. I awoke to the Man home when he should have been at work. I freaked... apparently his schedule has been changed AGAIN (the second time in as many weeks) and nobody could tell him where or when he is supposed to work today. So he went back to bed and to sleep (since he was up at 1 to cover a couple hours of somebody elses shift).

I, of course, could NOT go back to sleep... it's a bad month for him to be missing days of work due to somebody elses stupid scheduling issues.

The kiddo woke up at 8 and immediately wanted to eat.. that didn't work so well since he has to have his meds and wait an hour. He was NOT in a cooperating mood with the waiting to eat thing.

Then to top the morning off my computer got infected with some random malware... not a little one either but a super icky bad one. I think I got it cleaned off but I also shot an email off to the two computer guru's in my family hoping one of them can confirm it, or suggest what else I can do.

To kick this day in the pants I went ahead and started with Christmas decorations. I put lights up around the livingroom ceiling, and tinsel rope... lots of sparkly tinsel rope. I also put on a couple Christmas cd's. And to make up for this crabby posting I'm including a picture of the Kiddo from Thanksgiving day, he's waving hi at me while he looks at his cousin and asks her why she wont smile for me.

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