Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank you sister in law

Here is a big thank you* to my Sister in Law, who decided in her infinite wisdom to let her son give** the Kiddo his first ever Nerf gun.

Yes we definitely had tons of extra space in the kids room for this new big toy.

The fact that the Kiddo has tried to sleep with it the last two nights has been entertaining, if not disruptive to both his and my sleep***.

He very quickly figured out how to change the thing from a truck to a gun, and this afternoon his little brain worked overtime and he figured out how to pump it to shoot the little Nerf dart. Life is now a series of 4 year old giggle fits, proud proclamations on how he "made it go up" and my voice saying over and over ad nauseam "please don't point that at people, point it at monsters or the ceiling or the floor or your other toys but NOT AT PEOPLE!"

*That's a slightly less then sincere thank you for those of you slower on the uptake then most.

** Read as 'hand me down'

*** despite my best efforts he snuck it into bed, rolled over onto it, woke up and then woke me up.

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