Monday, June 15, 2009

mm burgers

We did go out for our anniversary dinner last night (again, even though I already said it like 8 times, THANK YOU mama and daddy!!). We went to Red Robbin (love LOVE that place, the waiters are always so nice, the food is always good and the fry sauce is outstanding).

The man ordered me spinach dip. He doesn't eat the stuff so it was like my very own special appetizer. Half of it came home with us and I get to eat it today. YUM!
Then we ordered dinner. I ended up getting what I always get. And by always I mean the two times my mom and dad took me out to eat there. The Banzai Burger!! mmm mmm I'm hungry just looking at the photo... I am such a big fan of pineapple and *tariaki!
The man got a um... I can't remember what it was called. Basically a heart attack on a bun, burger with bacon and an egg.
And the kiddo got a personal pizza and fries (yes he came, it's hard for us to find a good sitter for the kiddo so we end up lugging him around with us on our dates... which is okay because he behaves himself extraordinarily well and doesn't really detract any at all from the joy of eating out).

* spell checker failed miserably ... it doesn't have any idea how to spell teriyaki!

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