Wednesday, June 10, 2009

shoes and shoes and shoes

Got my birthday shoes finally.. If you'll recall this post from last week I sent my sis a couple pairs of shoes for our birthday. She loves them and I envied them so much that finally I decided to use my birthday money to buy them for myself. I took pictures of them all for you guys to see.

I believe she said her favorites are the green, because they are so easy to get on. I do love them, very cushioned and extremely comfortable. Plus funky cute!

The second pair I sent her were these, black and gray with tan straps. The buckles are tiny and a little hard to work but the shoes are really comfortable and look way cute so I don't care.

This last pair is all mine. I was shopping for the two above and saw these on sale for 75% off (15 bucks!!) and told the Kiddo he was buying me them for his present to me. He thought it was great because they are pretty so everybody ended up happy. The heals are the highest of the three pairs and there isn't quite as much cushion in the insole, still very cute and for the price more then worthwhile.

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Lady D said...

yeah the green ones are definitely my favorite, however i have yet to have the opportunity to wear them. I did get a chance to wear the tan and black ones the other day :) I love fun funky shoes!


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