Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blue blue blue

Blueberries are really very good for you. Which is why I eat them, not because they're tasty or anything but because they're good for me. Yep it's true they can help improve your memory! That's incentive enough right there. The sad thing is that they're way expensive so I usually end up buying the frozen kind, which kinda creates some soggy morning waffles what with all the juice they let out when defrosted *sigh*

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360_gandering said...

Blue Blew Bleu
Not being the sort to jump on the healthy-foods bandwagons, I don't even know what flavonoids are, but the article you linked to says that blueberries are good for you "due to the antioxidant actions of flavonoids" and there are many foods that tout their high levels of antioxidants (I know I've read that on the ketchup bottle, and seen it in articles about red wine - which comes from dark grapes), and somewhere I read that most of the dark colored little fruits have a particular good thing about them (although that may have been something other than antioxidants) ... so maybe there is an alternative to soggy pancakes that still has the memory benefit.
WOW! ... I managed to get that all in one humongous run-on sentence!


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