Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A check on growth

Today is the day we go and get the test results for The Kiddo. If you'll recall he went to the endocrinologist about two months ago and then had blood work done and a bone density xray on his hand.

I was fairly confident that all the test results would come back normal until a month to a month and a half ago when I measured him to see if he'd grown any in the two previous months. He had not and so I started to have a niggling doubt that maybe just maybe he wasn't actually growing normally.

Anyway as mentioned today is the day we get the test results that check the growth hormone level in his system and the age of his bones. On a whim I stood him against the wall and measured him again. He has grown 1/2 an inch!! I am no longer concerned at all, this will be a great visit!

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