Thursday, June 4, 2009

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I hate it when Thursdays feel like Saturdays. The Man is doing a four day weekend for the Navy this month. There is an Air Show at the nearby air force base and his unit is going to be doing the security for it. That means today through Sunday he's off playing soldier. Which is unusual enough that it really messes up my head, it feels like Saturday even though it isn't.

Yesterday was my birthday. I think it was fairly decent. The Mother in Law came over to visit in the morning, we let the kids play on the slides and hung out playing with her new puppy. She listened to me and bought me a 9x9 cake pan for my present!! I was going to buy one back in March but held off because I knew it would be a good present idea for a mother in law type person and I'm glad I did. Sister in Law gave me some new cooking pans, I already had an 8x8 but can definitely use this new one, plus now I have a big casserole sized one, which is even better. Don't normally make recipes that use a dish that size but there are a couple times over the past year I wished I had one so it'll be used.

The best present of all was Lady D and my bro P got me a pair of tickets to the Nickelback concert in August. I sooo had wanted to go and didn't think I'd be able too. It's on the 26th I think (or the 25th) and in the evening. We'll get the Mans sis or mom to toddler sit and get to go watch Nickleback, Hinder and Saving Able in concert!! I love all three groups so I can't wait!

I also spent my birthday money yesterday, which is specially because usually it gets put strait into the bank and used to help with the finances. I gave Lady D some shoes for her present and she said they were sooo cute. I have been oggling them for a couple months hoping they'd go down in price (which they did) and was actually feeling a little jealous of her after I ordered them for her. So I figured why not spend my birthday money on a set for myself too? They'll get here sometime next week, I'm excited. Love shoes :D

Other then that the day was uneventful. We did absolutely nothing in the afternoon/evening and I ended up having tomato soup for dinner. The coconut cheesecake I made for my special birthday desert turned out awful (yeah I'm chucking that recipe ick). So I didn't even have birthday desert. That's okay though, I have gained a couple pounds in the last week, something to do with bad eating habits (donuts and chocolate mmm) so not having an entire cheesecake to eat is probably a good thing.

Next Friday (the 12th) is my 5 year wedding anniversary!! Even more it's also the 10 year anniversary this month of when me and the Man met. I'm trying to think of something spiffy to do to celebrate. It seems like a "big one" as far as anniversaries go. If I remember correctly the 5 year anni is the "wood" anniversary. Not that the Man and I have ever really done the "theme" related gifts, usually we can barely afford to go out to dinner! Still I'm keeping that in mind while I wrack my little brain for a good idea.

Next Friday is also the Kiddo's second opinion eye doctor appt. That should be really interesting. The following Wed (17th) is our followup visit with the endocrinologist. All the test results are finally in so we get to go hear that yep the Kiddo is normal. I'm really looking forward to that too!

That should catch us all up on the boring news of my life. I'll see if I can go find something more fun to post about in a couple hours.

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