Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tattoo me not

Apparently there is a girl in Brussels that went to a tattoo parlor to have a couple stars tattooed on her face.

When she left the place she had half her face covered in stars... she says she fell asleep and the tattoo artist did his own thing. He says she asked for what she got but when her dad saw it and threw a fit she started in with the whole "not what I asked for" thing.

I have one thing to say: Um.. how do you fall asleep while having a tattoo done on your face??!! Let alone anywhere else on your body. I tend to believe the tattoo artist on this one, though he's quite an interesting looking character himself so who knows (check out the video at the article link above).


360_gandering said...

Fell asleep? Well, he probably had her reclined with her head on a headrest to keep it still while he worked. And if she was really tired (or on something) she might have nodded off a bit. But to get so asleep that she didn't realize he was working on more than one small area of her face? Not possible. At all. No way.
Also, if she was going to have stars tattooed on her face, _any
- is as odd looking as _many_. Even if the incident had happened the way she claims (ha ha), there is no valid complaint that her appearance is now horrible. It is just a variation of the look she says she wanted.
I'm thinking it was an impulse buy that was stupid to begin with, poorly executed (who goes to a tattooist that can't understand what they are saying?), and followed by the dawn of realization that the fool she is on the inside is now obvious on the outside. Her bad.

360_hopesshedidntgoofthistime said...

Apparently I neglected to shift when I did the second underscore next to "any". Oh, well...
Have you seen pics of Mike Tyson's face art? Maybe this girl is upset with her constellation because it resembles his whateveritis.


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