Tuesday, June 9, 2009

randomly funny

Kids are great, wonderful little things that make us giggle even when they're being little smart asses... because we can't help ourselves.

Just in case your week started like mine did.. I give you several Kiddo quotes from the last couple of days:

-"Okay mommie, we will get raisins at the next store, but we WILL go to a next store okay!, I said OKAY?!?! Oh man she is not listening, I dont know what to do if she is not listening *sigh*" (said in the Grocery store after being told we were getting raisens later but not right now) :with his face all screwed up and serious).

-"Go to bed, stay in bed, go to sleep and don't pee yourself.." (said while tucking in his daddy)

-"Mom, I want a dragon airplane so we can fly. You can fly the airplane and I will fly the airplane and daddy will stay here and we will go see grannie okay? It will be fun." (said looking at a pamphlet for the airforce base flight musium).

-*jumping a foot* Aaaaah, you scared me mommie, don't SCARE me it's not nice... ... can you scare me again?? (said after being caught sneaking out of bed, btwit was a real scared jump but fake aaah noise)

-"Trust me, you will like it, it's a good movie.. and it has apples in it" (said while convincing me that I wanted to watch the movie he picked out instead of the one I picked)

There's more I'm sure but that's all I can think of at the moment :)

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