Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday productivity

Here there is none... oh but there could be, if only I wasn't such a lazy butt.

Today is the day of the annual complex yard sale. Last years was a tad pathetic, I think there were maybe two people out there. Perhaps it's a sign of the economy but this year it's darn near packed. Cars coming and going, people milling about. I find myself wondering if maybe I shouldn't have put a little more thought into the process of deciding it wasn't worth the effort to participate.
Of course for that to do any good I'd have had to have things I wanted to try and sell. I really don't have that much in the way of "crap". The storage closet is full of holiday stuff not old useless stuff. The Kiddo hasn't outgrown much in the way of clothing (that we haven't already given away to DI). Granted I do have a few things here and there, but the 5 bucks total I'd have gotten out of them probably wouldn't have been worth getting up early for.

Still it's nice to see people being productive out there in the cold. Yes I said cold, the weather page says 71 degrees cloudy and windy but to me it feels a lot colder.

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