Thursday, April 16, 2009

working in progress

The new job is going fine. It's incredibly hard to get myself out the door but once I'm halfway into my drive to work I'm okay.

I realize I wasn't very clear a couple posts ago when I said that I'd finally been called by the job I was trying for. If you remember back in February I applied at the Tax Commission. Before my interview I spent a couple weeks working on my typing skills and learning 10 key. I scored really fairly decently on the typing tests and did well with the interview but the schedule they were hiring for was not something I could work. Anyway last Thursday they let the Man know that if I was still interested in doing temp work that they would bring me on from 5pm-10pm Monday through Thursday. It's almost like they created a shift especially for me (considering the normal late shift if 4-10).

So I started this week. The worst part is that I don't ever really see The Man. He gets home, tosses me the keys, I throw out some verbal kiddo instructions and then shoot out the door. Other then that it isn't too difficult (10 key data entry is what I'm doing) and the hours go by relatively quickly. I get to wear jeans, AND I get to use my ipod (thanks again for that thing Lady D!!).

Yesterday I went to head out the door and asked the Kiddo for my kiss good bye. He said "no I have to slide first, then I can kiss you." I said that he needed to slide quickly because I was going to be late. So he slid down and then ran a wide circle around me to go slide again...

me: "WHAT are you doing, get over here and give me a kiss so I can go.."

him: "no mommy I have to slide again first..."

me: "okay then no kiss I have to go now or mommies going to be late for work..."

him: "mommy can't go now, I have to slide first and then kiss you.."

So I walked out the door. I'm having a little trouble adjusting to leaving him at night and he's apparently having a little trouble letting me leave him.

After I'd left I hear he was a little unhappy with his choices. The Man says the Kiddo was VERY upset he didn't kiss me. AND he KNEW it was his fault. He cried for a few minutes then sulked. Then...

Kiddo: "dad. We need to talk. "

He walked the Man to the couch. Sat him down

Kiddo: "I didn't kiss mommy"

The Man "yeah. Do you know why?"

Kiddo: "yeah... Cuz I was slide I didn't. I NEED to kiss mommy for work"


Anonymous said...

yup, that pretty much covers it... except the sulking lasted about an hour. Literally, laying on the floor, head in his hands, pout-and-all sulking. Didn't want to do anything either.... I tried (didn't want to play "Bolt" - Later dad; didn't want to "race - "no", no hide-n-seek, nada). He was that upset.

Fef said...

Aw, the poor cutie; but man what a smart kid. He figured out what was wrong and what is important to him.


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