Saturday, April 11, 2009

One week

and counting! The Kiddo's dr appointments are next friday. I'm really looking forward to no more patch!! (hopefully).

Yesterday he rubbed his eye (the patched one) and somehow got his top eyelashes stuck inside his eye under his bottom eye lid. I had no idea, but thought maybe there was a problem because he would NOT stop rubbing the thing. I should have removed the patch, checked, and then put a new one on. Sadly I dismissed my "he's got something in his eye" feeling and decided he was tired and/or bored... and didn't check. Bad mommy moment.

As mentioned his eye dr appointment AND his endocronologist appointment are both next friday. The Man has to work a 12 that night so he'll be sleeping in and I'll be doing the eye appt solo. That makes me nervous (the eye doc wasn't very good at explaining things to a freaked out me the last go round..). Still if the Man has to miss one I'd rather it be the eye doc and not the endo doc.

The apt complex easter egg hunt is today. We are not participating. Call me a mean mom if you want but I just can't call the idea of a million kids running over each other to grab eggs filled with candy fun. We will do our own indoor egg hunt in the morning (with real eggs vs plastic sugar filled ones) and that will be sufficient for this year.

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