Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Monday Monday

There was a time when Monday didn't really mean that much different then any other day of the week, I suppose next week (after the temp job is over) it'll be back to being that way. Now however, today, THIS Monday, I'm afraid I have the Monday icks. The weekend just shot past, the Man was gone at Drill and the (un-patched) Kiddo and I played indoors the whole time (cold and raining outside).

I have a pregnant friend who was due yesterday (Sunday) and still has not delivered. I managed to get past my jealousy awhile ago (yes I have that issue every single time somebody I know gets pregnant, it isn't rational I know that.. it just is *shrug*). Anyway I sat here thinking about my last couple weeks being preg with the Kiddo and trying to remember all the things you weren't supposed to do to avoid delivering early. Shoot the only ones I can remember are horseback riding, and raspberry tea...

The photo prompt for today is slide. I'll post a photo for that a little later on in the day. I have a dozen shots from the past but thought maybe I'd try to get something new.

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