Friday, April 17, 2009

Eye don't think so

The first doctors appointment of the day is done. It was amazingly quick and, sadly, did not quite have the end result we were hoping for. The eye patching continues..

I suppose that means things actually went well, and that the eye patching has helped. The doc decided that since the Kiddo has figured out how to function with the good eye patched, and how to "see" things with just the bad eye, that it's working soooo we have to keep doing it. That's the bad/good news. The good news within that is we only have to patch him half the time. Monday through Friday and half days (from lunch to bedtime). In two months (June 19th) we go back to the doc and see where we stand.

My first thought is that his vision is not really improving he's just smart enough to figure out how to live with limited vision. But then I remind myself that is the point... remember we aren't really trying to improve the vision in that eye, what we're doing is forcing the brain to USE that eye. And THAT is something it's doing so I'm not too annoyed that we have to keep doing it.

My ending thought is that by doing part time I have a LOT more flexability with what I do and when. I can patch him early so we can go play on the jungle gym later, or I can move around his two patch free days. I think this will be a lot less stressful for all of us.

Now if I could just figure out how to get the stupid patch off his eye without leaving him all red and bruised... (sugestions/ideas?????)

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360_gandering said...

*thinking out loud* The sticky stuff is probably like the better bandaid adhesives, since it would be intended to survive perspiration and heat. The usual adhesive-weakening substances (WD40, acetone, alcohol) are not good things to use around the eye. You might try rubbing hand lotion like Lubriderm around the edge of the patch to see if its greasiness loosens it any.
Is the patch hard so it doesn't press on the eyeball? If so, then when at home (this would look "funny" to other folks) you could maybe secure it with a bandanna after first positioning it with only a few small areas of adhesive exposed to stick to his skin. If you can do that, then at least you could rip at different areas of skin each time and let the abused section rest longer between applications.


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