Monday, July 5, 2010

What are little boys made of?

Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails....

...and worms. Or at least a little boys best friend can be a worm. A yellow and red gummy worm to be exact.

The story goes like this; about a week ago, with the Kiddo in tow, I did a little grocery shopping. I thought it might be fun to buy him a special treat, something he hadn't ever had before. The little bag of gummy worms was clutched tight in his little hand all the way home. Before we made it all the way through the door the Kiddo was begging me to open it so he could try them. I did, I gave him three worms. He ate two and sat at the table playing with the third for very nearly an hour before I told him to eat it or I was going to. He stared at me in shock, stared at the worm, stared at me... finally he ate it, reluctantly.

A few days later I gave him two more worms from the bag, again he ate one but played with the other. I didn't realize how long he intended to save it for until later when I found it sitting on a plate, "it's home", in his bedroom. I told him to eat it or I was taking it... this time he argued, he told me very firmly that the worm was his FRIEND and that he should be played with and loved and NOT eaten.
So I did what any mom in this situation would do... I ate him!

No I'm kidding... I normally would have eaten him but I curbed my mean streak and went and found my smallest Tupperware. I told the Kiddo if the worm was going to be his friend then it needed a safe house. Then I made it clear that the house belonged either on the dining room table, or in a top drawer in the Kitchen.
Voila, the Boy has a new best friend... a worm, named Sammie, who lives in a little bin, in a drawer. Kiddo tells him good morning, takes him out to eat lunch with him, and then puts him back when he's done.


C said...

beats Butterfinger the fly anyday

Gwyneth said...

that's true enough!! at least this worm isn't germy lol


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