Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Early July Updates

Most importantly... The Kiddo's blood work came back and it is a negative for Lyme. I honestly didn't think he had it but there was that little bit of doubt and worry in the back of my head anyway. The Man is still a little worried, and he asked if the nurse would ask the Doc if we may have tested to soon (as all the web information we can find states that you cannot get a positive for Lyme's until at least 4 weeks after you catch it).

Less importantly... I have finally hit my weight loss goal. I didn't have much to lose really, but I realize that as I get older it's going to be harder and harder to lose it and keep it off. That was motivation enough for me to tuck in and try to get my weight down a little NOW vs letting it creep up on me year after year as I have been.

I don't really know if my goal is/was what it should have been. It's a very confusing thing for me. You google "ideal body weight" and "ideal body fat percentage" and there are a zillion web sites with little calculators on them that tell you what you are and what you should be. Somehow they all seem to give different numbers.

At any rate I believe my body fat percentage is finally where it should be to qualify for the "good" range, and my body weight is now just around the middle level of the ideal range for a female of my height and age.

So happy dances for the kiddo's random weird bite/rash. And happy dances for me achieving my new years resolution and reaching my goal.

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