Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My friend from out in Duchesne came and kidnapped me this past weekend. She heard that the Man was out of town (doing MP stuff for the Blue Angels airshow up in Idaho) and thought I deserved to have a little fun as well. So She drove down on Friday evening and picked the Kiddo and myself up.

Saturday we spent just relaxing and having fun! July 24th here in Utah is Pioneer day and the Kiddo got to ride in the Duchesne parade! Then he got a ride on a four wheeler (which he is still talking about, three days after the fact). He got to pet bunnies, play with goats, see pigeons, and cuddle puppies.

As for me, I cuddled bunnies and puppies, ignored pigeons, and very briefly petted goats.

I also learned how to make whole wheat bread from scratch!! Now I have added yet another kitchen appliance to my "dream" list, a grain mill, so I can make my own wheat flour. Someday *wistful sigh*

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