Thursday, July 22, 2010

ice ice baby

Kiddo has been tensing up a lot lately with his shots. I'm not sure what changed, maybe he felt one to many rounded tip' needles and stopped trusting that they wouldn't hurt. Of course when you tense up it just hurts even more.

So, with a suggestion from Grannie, we tried something new... I don't really know why we didn't try it sooner... the more I think about it the more I could swear she's probably mentioned it before.
Meet Elli. We've had her since the Kiddo started crawling. She's a plush little elephant with a re-usable ice cube in her back. We bought her and her brother (they came in a set) for when he'd crawl into walls or bump his head. I think we've only used them for their intended purposes once or twice, the rest of the time they sit in the freezer forgotten. But last night we pulled little Elli out, and put her to use:
She's got a thin piece of fabric over her lower side but the Kiddo decided he wanted direct icecube to skin contact to better test the numbing power. When we did the shot he only flinched and tensed up a tiny bit, and that was not when I stuck him, but when I pushed the plunger. He did a couple deep breaths and was fine, then he grinned at me and said "you're right! That DID hurt less then I thought."

We will let Elli try her magic again tonight and see if she can keep up the good work. At the very least it's distracting him some.

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C said...

Far away, oh very far away,
in a country called Nigeria,
there lived an elephant one day
with attributes superior:

She had a head up front
and a tail on her seat.
She was five feet tall
in her stocking feet.
And had a disposition that was Oh So Sweet.
She was the darling of the jungle.

Elli the elegant elephant
Elli the elegant elephant
Elli the elegant elephant...
She was the darling of the jungle.

(It's been a looong time so I may have the words a little wrong, but I used to really like that song when I was a little kid.)


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