Friday, July 2, 2010


Last Friday the kiddo got a bug bite. I'm not sure really what kind of bug as I didn't even know for sure it WAS a bit until a few days after that. By Thursday this week (yesterday) the irritated area had grown quite a bit. After consulting with my mom (it's SO good to be able to harass her with things like this and know she doesn't mind) I called up the Pediatric doc and they set us an appointment for 3pm that afternoon. Gosh they really are spot on with non scheduled visits!! I don't think I've ever had a doc office be that efficient and quick with things.

Doc took a look at his bug chomp and said that it did definitely looked odd. She asked a lot of questions about how it had looked day to day, and what the coloration had been. It had looked sort of bulls-eye'ish (and up until yesterday it had a lighter colored inside ring then the darker red outside ring). She pushed on it (it feels calloused almost, sort of 'firm' instead of normal skin mushy) and then told me whatever it is, it's definitely infected. After much thought (and some referencing books and pictures) she said she is worried that there is a chance it might be Lyme disease, (which is really rare in Utah but possible) so she had us go to the lab and get a blood draw to check for it. She also prescribed a yucky milky looking liquid medication for him to take two times a day (breakfast and dinner) for the next ten days. The meds should take care of any spider bite infection (in case it is that) AND it has emoxycillin in it to take care of any Lyme disease (in case it is that).

Personally I really don't think it's Lyme disease because the multi colored ring part isn't there anymore, but we will wait for the blood tests to see for sure.

The doctors visit ended up taking about an hour and a half, between wait time (20 minutes or so), seeing the doc, AND getting a blood draw done. We made it home in one piece and only $10 lighter then we were before we left.

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