Friday, July 30, 2010

end of July reading

Since my first library e-book foray several weeks ago I've checked quite a few books. Right now I have four e-books checked out at the same time... That wasn't exactly on purpose. I put myself on the hold list for a couple and they randomly came available at the same time. Hopefully I can get them all read within the next two weeks, but if not I'll just put myself back onto the hold list and recheck them out later.

The whole reason I mention all of that is because now that I'm comfortable checking out e-books books I thought I'd try my hand at checking out an audio book. I did a little online library browsing and I put one on the Nook this morning. Unfortunately the majority of the audio books my library system has are in the wrong format for the Nook to play, but many of them are in MP3 format, and that works great on it. It's rather exciting to finally be using the Nooks audio feature, considering I've owned the thing for half a year.

Honestly I'm not to big on audio books for myself (I prefer to read the words vs having them read to me) BUT I'm going to do a little searching for childrens audio books, I know the Kiddo would get a kick out of that.

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