Saturday, July 17, 2010

Easy Day

The Endocrinologist appointment went well. The Kiddo has gained about a pound from our last visit three months ago and now weighs in at 35.6lbs.

Of course the weight isn't really something we were worried about, his WEIGHT was in the 10th percentile.... with his current gain he is still in that percentile, which is perfect. It means as he catches up in height his weight will even out.

As for his height.... 1 1/2" is the official amount of growth since we started his shots. That is the number I came up with just after his first month and I know I was not off by more then 1/4 inch back then, which means he did the lions share of that growing two months ago! And, consequently, we're due another growth spurt here any day now *chuckle* He now measures 39 1/4" tall. We should continue to see quite a bit of growing for the next year or two before he evens out into a more "normal" pattern.

Doc talked to the Kiddo quite a bit about the shots. Told him many times that he needs them to grow and that he is doing really well with them etc etc. I appreciate that he took the time to talk to him, it makes it so that it's not mommy and daddy making him take the shots ... rather it's mommy and daddy following the doctors orders.

The other good news is that there were no blood tests that needed to be done! Nothing needs doing for another three months, so at the start of October we will go get the blood draw done for the medication level tests, and then a week later we will see the Doc for our next visit. I think I can safely say that we're finally at the point where blood work will only need to be done once every SIX months!! That's VERY good news for us.

The sad part of all that is this little story: As we brushed his teeth for bed, just prior to his evening shot, the Kiddo looked at me and said "so did I do good, did the doctor say we are all done? I grew and now we can have no more shots right?" I told him there were more shots, and he said, in a very hopeful little voice "one? just one more shot?"

Of course, being the perfect Kiddo he is, when I explained that there were going to be many many more shots he just sighed and said that was okay. He really is amazing.

And to top the day off when we swung past the Kiddo's school to try and drop off his medical paperwork we found out that the paper I have with an August 3rd start date is wrong! The real first day of school for the Kiddo will be SEPT 3rd, a full month away!! That makes me a lot happier, more time to figure out cloths and maybe a little time for us to work on writing those lower case letters.

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