Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Silly Sleepies

11pm last night (give or take)... the Man is snoring (softly heh) beside me and I'm just getting ready to close up my Nook and turn the light off. All of the sudden I hear giggles. I pause and wait, in case I'm hearing things from outside vs the next room. About a minute goes by and then more giggles. What the.....???

As I get up, put on my robe, and grab my glasses I hear another burst of giggles. As I walk into the Kiddo's room he busts out into yet more giggles and I can see laughter tears in his eyes.

Me: WHAT is so funny in the middle of the night when you are SUPPOSED to be sleeping??!!

Him: I was dreaming and thinking about the other day, and Grandpa's party, and the card... pee his pants!!! (and he goes off into a fit of laughter that almost knocks him off his bed).

Ah, got it. For the Mans dads birthday card we got one that said "we decided not to get you a funny card because at your age we know how hard it is not to pee your pants" or something like that. The Kiddo loved it (of course, I mean he's FIVE). I finally got him to stop laughing, and told him to think about it tomorrow and go to sleep already yet.


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