Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A random day in June

Today we are waiting for the Kiddo's growth hormone refill delivery. I set up the delivery for today last week so I know it's coming, not only that but at 8:30 this morning I received an automated phone call from UPS confirming that the delivery was set for this afternoon at 2:15. It's 2:20 so I'm expecting a knock on the door any second now...

I thought it was very cool that UPS called in that way. It reminds me to be home (in case I had forgotten) and it lets me know the approximate time they'll be here so I can make sure I'm not in the shower or out with the kiddo playing. I hope they do that every time!!

In other news the Kiddo has a cold. Which isn't really a great thing, it 'could' be allergies I suppose (he insists that it is) but it didn't seem to respond to the claritin so I'm leaning towards cold. The bad news with that (besides the yucky runny nose and chapped lip from all the snot and wiping of said snot) is that this Thursday the Kiddo has a dentist appointment. I guess I'll be hitting the pharmacy to see what sort of medication I can find to fix him up, otherwise he wont be able to breath while they look into his mouth!

The Kiddo and I are doing a little reading every day. I think perhaps on Thursday after his dentist appointment we will go to the library to return his books and check out some new ones. He really is loving having access to new books, he loves every one of the ones he owns (and reads them often) but the excitement of having access to new books and getting to borrow them has not worn off.

Speaking of the libraries. I have, finally, successfully checked out my first e-book. I was being lazy about it because I have plenty of things to read on my Nook so wasn't "needing" to be able to do it. My mother in law however was running out of things to read and really wanted to know how to do library books. So we figured it out, it's incredibly easy to do and a little exciting to be able to sit down and check out 10 books, load em onto the Nook and voila lotsa stuff to read with absolutely no out of pocket expense. Have I mentioned how much I love my Nook??

And last, in a completely random tangent sort of way... I realized this morning (as I weighed myself and did the happy dance at seeing a number that was lower then 130) the more weight I lose the lower number of calories I can eat each day in order to maintain it!! humph.


C said...

"the more weight I lose the lower number of calories I can eat each day in order to maintain it" - -

Yes, but, muscle is more efficient at burning calories than fat, so if you are losing weight by working out then you can eat more calories at your low weight than someone who lost the weight by merely cutting back on food. (this comment brought to you by alwayslookforasilverlining dot fullawishfulthinking)

Gwyneth said...

Love it!! That is such great positive thought heh, it's what I'm going to tell myself from here on out. I'm gaining muscle and can still eat that donut and not gain a pound tomorrow because of it *grin*


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