Monday, June 21, 2010


I made a cheese cake on Friday. I'm really the only one who eats cheesecake around here so I hardly ever make it... I just can't seem to justify eating an entire cake all by myself. I made this one with the intention of throwing away half of it, that way I only have half to eat and don't gain ten pounds. When it came time to chuck that half though I balked... how can I throw away perfectly good food??!!

Anyway when I got to the part of the recipe where you mix the sugar into the cream cheese I realized I didn't have enough sugar. Very silly on my part, I'd checked all the other ingredients but sugar is a staple (if a rarely used one) so I assumed I had enough. Fortunately for me there is a grocery store two minutes down the road. When I hit the baking isle I found all the regular sugars and, oddly, one in a carton. I looked closer; did you guys know they make a fine grain sugar? I had NO idea.
It was about the same price as the medium bag of sugar so I went ahead and purchased it. I didn't think I'd actually notice a difference in taste but I was curious if it would mix quicker and easier then normal sugar. I looked at the sugars and the "fine" was noticeably finer then the regular grain, about 1/3 of the size. In fact it puffed sugar smoke into the air when I poured it somewhat like powdered sugar does. I tried taking a picture for you of the two sugars next to each other. If you click the picture it will make it bigger and hopefully you can see the difference.
It did seem to mix in more quickly and smoothly then regular sugar does. But to really test it I'd have to make a recipe where you mix the sugar into the butter till smooth (chocolate chip perhaps?) or possibly better forgotten cookies, where you mix sugar into egg whites.

And btw, the cheese cake was very good!

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