Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shirts and Gadgets

For my birthday my sis sent me a Kohls gift card, she did it that way so I couldn't use the money to help buy food or pay bills (sneaky sis that she is). So I got to have a shopping trip whether I wanted one or not... I'll admit it, I really did want one (even if it did take me a few minutes to get past wishing she was here before I could enjoy it).

I bought myself a few new shirts (my favorite being a dark gray one with wings on the back)
The wings are almost identical to the ones on my wrist. Which I think is fantastic. I absolutely love the shirt... to the point where I am almost scared to wear it because then I'd have to wash it and the wings might come off.
I also bought myself a pizza wheel. I've been wanting one for EVER! This one has the plastic "non stick pan safe" blade. I used it yesterday and it was so much easier then a knife. I showed it off to the Kiddo (who laughed) and the Man (who finally had to admit that it really is so much better then a knife that it was worth the money).

And speaking of gadgets for the kitchen. I have decided that my next gadget related "want" is a cherry chomper:

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