Sunday, June 27, 2010

super sized Disney Land

I read this article a couple days ago and for some reason it is sticking around in my head, probably because I feel a little guilty for my unsympathetic less then pc reaction... so I thought I would share it and see what you folks think.

I personally think that there is a lot more effort put into making everything sized for everybody then there needs to be. I've read articles about how it's unfair that extremely obese people have to buy two plane seats because they take up that much room... well if you take up two, then you pay for two *shrug*

So, if you don't safely fit in a ride why does a company HAVE to create a seat that's big enough for you? Isn't it above and beyond when they do? Of course looking at the weights they're listing I'm having trouble visualizing just how big big, or small big that actually is...

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Taggart said...

lessee...265 pounds and 5'8".
I believe I am 5'11" and 150 pounds. And despite what some people say, I have average body fat (although, low muscle I'm sure).
Its about 5 pounds per inch (and plus 10 pounds if yer female). So. If we were the same size, he'd still weigh 130 more pounds than me.
Put another way, if I were 5'8", I'd probably be about 135 pounds with the same muscle/fat distribution, which is almost HALF his weight.

He's prolly big-big. But keep in mind, in the article he only said he was disappointed. Which I understand. Especially because he probably runs into little reminders and difficulties every day of his life.
Still, that response is intellectual. I kinda agree more with you, emotionally. And economics-wise.


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