Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wind, Robots, and the Alphabet

Today the Kiddo's snuffly nose cold turned into a cold with cough. Which is actually a little easier to medicate and a lot easier on him (he can breath). It's 77 degrees outside but we skipped out outdoor playtime due to 20mph wind gusts.

To entertain ourselves we read. His reading goal for the program via the library is 20 minutes a day so we sat together and read for 40 minutes (two books). I am mean, I make him read the words (I figure it doesn't count if I'm reading TO him, he must be reading WITH me). He made it through both books and as a reward I gave him a chocolate kiss.

Then he asked if he could draw robots so I dug up some paper and let him go.
When he was done with his picture he signed it. He writes his name by himself now days, no help and no prompting. There's a man on the far right, a big robot (his favorite) and a smaller one. He hung the picture on the fridge so that the Man would see it when he got home. Then he scribbled random shapes on several pieces of paper, I wandered off... I came back to this:
It figures that just as I get over the excitement of having him able to write his name by himself he has to top it and write the whole dang alphabet*!! I think he has his grannies brains *grin*

*note the backwards J and N...


C said...

The only reason I saw the two backwards letters was because I read through a second time looking for any mistakes - any at all. That's a big accomplishment to write all the letters, in order, and all about the same size, without even having lined paper to do it on.

(and I think he must have his grannie's brains ... because she doesn't seem to have them any more)

Taggart said...

or ninja-kiddo?

ooh! zombie-ninja-kiddo!


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