Friday, June 18, 2010

Dental Confessions

I'm not a very good mom. I admit it. I try to get off my butt and remember to make sure the Kiddo brushes his teeth every night, but I think he really only gets em done every second or third one. It's a goal to get better at that...

It's especially important because some of the medications he's on tend to cause calcium deficiencies (we make sure he gets his vitamins and milk). That sort of thing really doesn't bode well for strong teeth. But I think the Kiddo was fortunate enough to get my families dental genetics because the last bunch of dentist appointments went extremely smoothly. Yesterdays was no different:
He made the girl cleaning his teeth fall in love with him (as usual) and he chilled very patiently waiting for the dentist to come over and check him out. After a grand total of five whole minutes chatting and looking into the Kiddo's mouth the dentist let us know he was very pleased. He said the kiddo had amazing teeth, and no cavities.

After the dentist we swung past the Library. Kiddo returned his books and picked 5 new ones (he can only check out five at a time until he's had his card for a certain amount of time). We spent 30 minutes or so in the kids section with him reading other books at one of the tables. He loves the library.

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