Monday, June 21, 2010


The Kiddo has a new friend. A fly! Ick. He has named the fly Butterfingers. It was let into the apartment yesterday sometime and I have yet to be able to get rid it out.

The Kiddo says that he is a good bug not a bad bug because he fights frogs. And that he is a good friend. He is currently carrying on a conversation with said fly (who is perched on the blinds). He is telling him how he has strong eyes, a big nose, strong legs and he can fly. That he is the perfect friend and that he should play with him.
Then he put his little hand out and tried to talk the fly into sitting in his palm.

I am a little disturbed, and highly entertained all at the same time. I got a picture of the kiddo talking to the fly, but didn't think to get a video until after *sigh*

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