Friday, June 11, 2010

Door knobs

Yesterday I was sitting in my bedroom reading while the Kiddo played in his room. All of the sudden he came running into the room and over to the closet door.

Him: (pointing at the door frame part of the latch -I have no idea what the proper name for that is) "mom why did you put that there?"

Me: what? put what where?

Him: this, this thing on the wall with the hole and stuff...

Me: OH, that's to help the door close baby. See the latch part on the door (and I walked over and pushed it in so he could see how it moves) that goes into the hole when the door is closed and helps keep it closed. Then when you turn the doorknob (I had him turn it while the door was open) the latch thing goes into the door and lets the door open. It's like that on all of our doors.

Him: OH!!

Then he spent the next 30 minutes or so playing with different doors around the apartment seeing how they worked.

I realized as I watched him that his 'sudden' new growth must have gotten him tall enough to see the metal plate more easily, and since he's very much in the question phase of childhood he just HAD to ask about it.

I suppose if you think about it that way the question is a lot less random then the one he asked the other day about what flowers eat (since we have no flowers in the apartment).

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